Duplicate Post plugin

Duplicate Post is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to clone a post/page with its fields. It’s released under GPL v2.0 or later.

You can download it or learn more on its page hosted by WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

If you find this useful, please consider donating whatever sum you choose, even small. It’s been downloaded thousands of times: just a few cents from every user would help me develop the plugin and improve support.
If you already have PayPal, use PayPal.Me to donate: if you use your PayPal balance it’s free of charge in the Eurozone, and has lower fees than normal from outside Europe.

If you don’t have Paypal, or can’t use PayPal.me, use this button: but you should know that the fees are generally higher (e.g. if you donate less than 0,50€ all the sum goes to PayPal).

If you use Flattr, use this button:
Flattr this

There are three other ways to contribute:

  1. You can write me and submit your bug reports, suggestions and requests for features;
  2. If you want to translate it to your language (there are just a few lines of text), there is a Translation project where you can submit your translation: it could be featured in next releases.
  3. Leave a review in the WP.org Plugin Directory, but please!, if you have a complaint or a bug write in the forum before giving 1- or 2-star ratings: we can probably fix your issue!

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